Die components

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Press Die Part
Application: Motor press punch
Material: SKD11
Hardness: HRC60~62
Strong Point: No step between the R point and the straight line

Press Die Part
Application: Opening Punch Material:SKD11
Hardness:HRC58~60  Strong Point:Polished tip and large size

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Resins Super engineering plastics, engineering plastics, general-purpose plastics, thermosetting plastics
Aluminum Pure aluminum, free-cutting aluminum, high-strength aluminum, corrosion-resistant aluminum
Copper Alloys Pure copper, brass, phosphor bronze, high strength brass, bronze casting
Stainless steel SUS301/303/304/316/420/430/440/630/631
Nickel Alloys Hastelloy, Permalloy, Kovar, Inconel, Monel
Steel materials Plain steel -SS500・S50C・SCM・SUM・SPSS・SPHC
Carbides Ultra-fine particles, binderless, non-magnetic cemented carbide
Ceramics Aluminum nitride, silicon nitride, alumina, zirconia
Others Titanium alloys, tungsten, molybdenum, magnet, magnesium alloys
Composite materials (brazing, baking fit, cold fit, crimping, welding)

Surface Treatments

Purpose for surface treatment Anti-corrosion, improved abrasion resistance, improved lubricity, improved mold release, anti-magnetic reflection, improved heat resistance, improved non-adhesiveness, improved chemical resistance, added antibacterial properties, added electrical insulation properties
Plating Plating treatment – zinc, electroless NI, hard chrome, chrome, anodizing conversion treatment – black oxide finish, Parker, unichrome
CVD treatment TIC,TICN
Nitriding/TD treatment Gas nitrocarburizing, ion nitriding, various special nitriding
Surface modification WPC, blasting, lapping, buffing
Carbides Ultra-fine particles, binderless, non-magnetic cemented carbide
Others Metal coating, vapor deposition, painting, electropolishing